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The Chef's Spice Sets & Specials

L'Original Monarch Blendz Set

Enjoy the "Vintage" L'Original Monarch Blendz Set. Includes:

La Italia, 

Thai Thyme, 

Macho Taco, 

Caribbean Breze, 


Hapy Cow, 

Pep UP My Potato, 


Ensalada Anywhere,

Stirred Up Over You, 

Friendzone Jerk Blend, 

Cleaver Cajun. 8oz ea

The Monarch Blendz Complete Set

The Entire Monarch Blendz 

Complete Set

BBB- Big Bang Blend

Caribbean Breze,

Clever Cajun

Coast2Coast (Seasonal)

Chiper Chipotle

Cool Zaatar

Curry Me Home

The Friendzone Jerk Blend

Ensalada Anywhere

Happy Cow

La Italia,

Thai Thyme,

Macho Taco,

The Monarch

The Motherland

More Masala Please!

Mystic Mesquite

Not Your Mama's Greens

Oh'Advieh (Seasonal)

PIG Latin

Pokerface (Seasonal)

Pep UP My Potato,

RoMing Salad Blend

Sassy Salmon

Spiced Lemondrop

Stirred Up Over You,

The Secret Garden

Thai Thyme

ViVa Balinese

Includes all Specialty sets, and new releases. (Seasonal)

The Grill Master's Set

The Earn Your Wings Set

The One Love Spice Set

The Woodstock Spice Set

Mystic Mesquite, Chipper Chipotle, Happy Cow Steak Seasoning, Poker Face

The Globe Trotter Spice Set

Oh A\dvieh!, La Italia, More Masala Please! Thai Thyme, The Motherland Fusion Blend, PIG Latin, Caribbean Breeze, ViVa Balinese

The Dirty South Spice Set

Cleaver Cajun, Big Bang Blend, Happy Cow Steak Seasoning, Not Your Mama's Greens, Perfect Set of Choppers Seasoning

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