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Art by M. Butterfly

Private Collection

Hi! I'm Marsha McCray I'm a digital and gallery art contributor of original acrylic and oil paintings and sculptures. I enjoy a wide range of different styles, techniques, mediums associated with my work to include still life, portraits, modern, landscape and religious artworks.

I am also a mixed media artist, printmaker, amateur natural light photographer, and natural stone enthusiast in art appreciations ranging from fine arts, nature and geological works, pencil portraits, anime, fashion, and art movements.

I create art with ideas of embracing nature, preserving ancestry and traditions through art depicting life, love, and humanity with respect to many eras, movements and expressive styles.

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Love is in the air, sea, and skies. Basilisk's (Dragons), birds, and other mysterious creatures embrace amour in a array of color, texture, and jaded twists and turns in this beautiful hand-painted acrylic on canvas in a boasting 50"x60" Original piece

About the piece:

Life is about a journey and the choices we make when opportunities present themselves. Its not about destination.  The focus on destination may cause us to lose sight of the experiences we hare along the way which often changes the trajectory of life.  Doors to opportunity often appear out of thin air... Don't miss the opportunity.

Based on I2 Corinthians 12:9-11. …for my strength is made perfect in weakness.... .

The war is over, all seemed lost. As the flames burn out leaving rich soil growth. Earth shifts and the grounds mend and the Tree of Life bares new life represented by purple fruit, the color of royalty in the bible. Spirits released from bondage float abroad to reclaim the skies. What was once red now runs strong in the veins of the army of God. Trust in him, walk in him. Resilience is God's gift to us given through faith. 

 This original piece is a 6-foot by 6-foot piece ($23,120.00 US) Acrylic on canvas.

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About the piece

“This piece depicts the returning of the Lord. On the left light “spirit is coming down through the waterfall. As it moves through the picture those dark deeds are exposing and washing away the beast. Simultaneously the tree of life is strengthened and opening the sky to clear the storm. As the church rises on the right and the peace dove flies in. signifying the storm is over. “This is a 4-foot by 4-foot piece acrylic on canvas.

About the piece

This is a30" x 50"-piece acrylic on canvas... When we think of all the miraculous things that make up human-kind and lifeforms we see so many impossible elements of life both explained and others mysterious.  the life that forms from single cells, free radicals that change them and the elements that cause both evolution and resiliency.  

About the piece

Based on Isaiah 54:17. No weapons formed against you shall prosper.... .

The sky is red from the siege of war, yet the sun rises again. The fields charred, yet new blades of grass emerge in the soil. The tree bark is cracked, burned, hardened and blistered; yet the core is untouched. The rings of time holds its past and preserves it history. New leaves began to open, limbs bare fresh fruit. A new chapter is beginning. No Weapons 18"x20" ORIGINAL $2723

Original Sold. Contact Artist for similar original piece.

About the piece

Pangea. Imagine if there were no continents. Boundaryless, united and moving as one nation. No race, no social statuses or prejudices.

We can heal the world united. Together we can put life, rhythm, and blood back into this world. Picture depicts hands in CPR position over center of earth in Pangea form. Original is 18"x18" hand painted acrylic on canvas ($1526 US)

About the piece

Life is a balance. A careful balance of lessons learned through gifts passed from our ancestors represented in royal hues of gold , purple ,and chartreuse. The earth is covered not in light to dark but by the oath of the yen and yang coveted by the mighty monarch at rest. The Original is 18"x18" hand painted acrylic on canvas ($2103 US)

Colonial migrations specifically the Leatherback Sea turtles are among the most highly migratory animals on earth, traveling as many as 10,000 miles or more each year between foraging grounds in search of jellyfish. In the Atlantic, they go from Caribbean beaches up the US East Coast to Canada. This painting depicts a family of 3 turtles. Can you see them? The original is 18"x18" hand painted acrylic on canvas ($5,206 US) 

Original Sold. Contact Artist for similar original piece.

About the piece

"Hidden in plain sight, misunderstood, or perhaps, ostracized by envy. As stealth and mysterious as the unicorn bearing many faces, many colors, and blended to every corner of life. Celebration of life in all forms embraced with freedom and resiliency, a rainbow of colors. Its all about interpretation, meaning, and the journeys that make YOU who YOU are and makes US stronger together." Original is 18"x20" acrylic on canvas( $3108 US)

Original Sold. Contact Artist for similar original piece.

Let's play a game of elemental waterway exploration in this one-of-a-kind hand painted acrylic masterpiece. Seek to find the blue fined fish moving through the current. Can you see it? This original 18"x18" hand painted acrylic on canvas ($6,203 US)

About the piece Beast hidden amongst the gentle field lilies. Strong and intimidating, often misunderstood. Even the strongest of creatures

seek refuge in the gentleness of nature's womb.  The original is 18"x18" hand painted acrylic on canvas ($7,206 US)

About the piece

"High rising peaks and regal skies abound. Miles of pine and columbines a perfect setting surround. Low tides are rising, as the cougar spies. Wild dogs' howls bring fear in the night, but the sun is sure to rise. Purple majesty brings calm as morning soon marks dawn." -

A sure conversation starter, entertainment source and work of art all in one. Hand painted and textured for longevity and original work. There are 12 hidden safari animals in this piece. Can you find them?  The original is 9"x12"-Hand painted acrylic on canvas ($2,800 US)

Original Sold. Contact Artist for similar original piece.

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